Our story


Our mission is to sell seasonal, sustainable dishes from across the globe to the sinners, the saints and all in between

Maddie, Sean & Kate

Maddie, Sean & Kate

Having travelled an extensive part of the world, Maddie has picked up a passion for food from all over the globe. Growing up with an Anglo-Indian grandmother, Indian food has been a big part of her life and is often a focal point of her cooking. 


Born and raised on the wild plains of South Africa, Sean gave up the thrills of working on a farm for the pressure and excitement of the London restaurant scene. Over the past decade Sean has learnt his trade in Michelin starred establishments such as La Trompette, Wild Honey and Alain Ducasse along with Hereford Road and Quo Vadis.


Kate’s passion for filling her belly lead her all around the world. What she lacks in cooking skills, she makes up for devouring the delicious and devilish food cooked up by Sean and Maddie, as well as helping them out with business strategy.

We were drawn together for our love of cooking, eating and sharing great food, from all over the world.